Video: Gransfors Bruks Forge Tour

Image Courtesy Gransfors BruksGransfors Bruks, along with Hultafors, are the premier traditional axe makers of Sweden. Hultafors may be harboring some anti-Yankee resentment, because they refuse to sell their axes Stateside and prohibit their third-party vendors from shipping here. Gransfors Bruks, OTOH, is happy to sell you their products as long as you’ve got the Krona.

And you’ll need quite a few Krona: small camp hatchets run over $100 (Kr700 if you’re curious) and full-size forest axes are more than twice that.

If you’ve got ten minutes or so, CrawlingRoad will take you on a nicely-filmed video tour of the Gransfors Bruks axe forge in Sweden. Hej då!



  1. 2hotel9 says:

    I bet if they listed prices on their website they would do more business. Took 20 minutes and 9 separate page changes to find any prices, and I ain’t paying that kinda money for any ax.

  2. jwm says:

    Hultafors, Swedish for “We’re H&K and we hate you!”

  3. Bob says:

    I dreamed about owning a Gransfors for years after seeing one in a magazine, but then I got a chainsaw for half the price O.o

    1. 2hotel9 says:

      For the price of some of their stuff you can buy 2 chainsaws, and an ax!

  4. Stephen M. says:

    I have a Wetterlings hatchet, which is a good long step belows a GB, and I still haven’t managed to destroy it like I can the much cheaper hatchets. Hell, I can shave with it if I wanted to.

    One of these days I’ll sell a gun or two and get a nice Gransfors.

  5. Brian Patterson says:

    As a proud Gransfors owner, I can vouch for these being very worth the money. The steel holds a razor sharp edge longer than it should, even after going through a couple trees and a fair bit of limbing, sharpen it on the sharpmaker for great results. I have the little wildlife hatchet, and cannot imagine going afield without it. Label one of these a must have, quality is top notch.

    1. 2hotel9 says:

      Really? I can go to Tractor Supply and by an ax and hatchet of the same “quality” and spend $40, for both. This specialty made stuff is for people with more money than sense. I only scanned their webpage, and then 9 others, to find a price. I won’t waste that time again.

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Video: Gransfors Bruks Forge Tour

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