Video: Green Beetle forges a chainsaw Damascus blade

I need a break from all the carnage and chaos. I actually find time lapse knifemaking videos to be quite relaxing – especially ones as well-shot and produced as those by Green Beetle. We have shared their “Fish-hook Damascus” video in the past, and while that is a fairly unique material choice, discarded chainsaw blades are commonly used.

Green Beetle is an online outdoor retailer with a brick-and mortar shop in Tulsa, OK. They carry all manner of gear, including knives from high-end makers such as Medford, ESSE, Bark River, and others – including their own one-of-a-kind creations like the one seen here.



  1. cmeat says:

    green beatle has a product called custom knife builder with a rough starting price estimate of 189. choose steel, thickness, blade shape style, finish, cryo, hamon or san mai (shhh…), handle material, tang style and more all in drop down lists. pretty cool.

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Video: Green Beetle forges a chainsaw Damascus blade

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