Video: Hunger Games knife throwing technique by Xolette

I promised something else before the end of the day, and while this is a short post writing-wise I promise it isn’t a “throwaway”. At least not if you are interested in throwing knives (or cute Filipinas for that matter).

I have never read nor seen any of the Hunger Games books/movies. I don’t need to escape into a dystopian world, we have enough distopia in the real world. The Blogfather, Glenn Reynolds even makes the case that the Capital City/outlying province division is becoming reality though we are not yet sacrificing people publicly in Washington DC.

Xolette is normally a “no-spin” thrower, but in this video she explains the mechanics of multiple-spin throwing as exhibited by the character Clove in the movie. And she does it with her usual humor and showing her misses as well.

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Video: Hunger Games knife throwing technique by Xolette

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