Video: Inside The Opinel Factory

Image courtesy Opinel USA

It’s a bit late to include it in my review, but Opinel put together a short video showing highlights from the production cycle of their traditional No.8s (not shown.) It’s a heavily automated process, and this should be no surprise. If you want to sell a knife for the local equivalent of $11, you need to make sure your unionized, highly-paid, 35 hour-a-week French workers have a lot of non-unionized robotic help.

Opinel even saved money by skipping the voice-over and the obligatory English translation. That’s what keeps their knives so affordable, I guess.


  1. Sam L. says:

    I like the handles at 0:47 and 2:58–beauties!

    1. jwm says:

      The pink handles must have been for a contract with the French Army. Pink looks less aggressive when it comes time to surrender.

  2. Jim says:

    Why? Why the snide remarks about the workers? It seems obvious from recent reviews that they produce a high quality, affordable product. What does the length of their work week have to do with anything? Ever stand and operate a stamping press for 40-60 hours a week? If you have you know better and if you have not then you should try it. See what a joy it is. The robotics and automated equipment are common features of modern manufacturing, and in pretty much every instance they are used, no human can maintain an equal pace of production as safely and efficiently. As to the French military, it seems like they have sure managed to kill an awful lot of Brits and Germans and assorted others over the last few hundred years. Read up on what some members of our own armed forces have to say about working with the French in our recent wars. Example after example of high praise are to be found. In the future, please, pick and chose your attempts at humor with a thought towards their usefulness in the feature.

  3. I_Like_Pie says:

    Despite the US stereotype….The native French are very decent and hard working people.

    Very good engineers. They don’t get enough credit for that.

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Video: Inside The Opinel Factory

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