Video: Jimmy DiResta restores a draw-knife

Jimmy DiResta is a television personality (Discovery’s Dirty Money among others), and a self-described “Maker of Things”. His skills include woodworking, metalworking, and a pretty well regarded eye for design.

In the above video he takes an an old draw-knife that he bought as part of a flea-market lot of rusted metal tools for $10 . I am a sucker for time-lapse projects, and this one is particularly captivating. I am not the only one drawn in by his vides, his YouTube Channel has over 280k subscribers.

From MakeZine:

“First thing I needed to do was polish the blade and for that I mostly used an air powered die grinder with Scotch-Brite discs. The handles are made from burbinga wood. The collars are machined from brass. I used two-party epoxy to keep the handles in place. I trust this method, and besides, if it pulls out I know how to fix it.”

If you have never read it, check out Will Wood’s “Ask a knifemaker: The Truth About Rust” post if you want an expert explanation of just what that poor knife went through before Jimmy got his hands on it.



  1. Grindstone says:

    But he didn’t stamp or paint his name on the knife??? lol

    Been a fan of DiResta since I saw him restore an old hatchet.

  2. Spencer says:

    Jimmy’s shop makes me envious. All my old tool restorations are done very slowly by hand, but the end results are the same as shown above.

  3. Sam L. says:

    Nice vid!

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Video: Jimmy DiResta restores a draw-knife

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