Video: Knife Restoration FTW

The video title says it is oddly satisfying. I agree. After spending time with various stones essentially sanding off the rust, he switches to a blade-across-stone motion to restore and sharpen the edge.

Next time try Froglube. I have a pretty dramatic testimonial coming up, but until then check out Will Woods’ “The Truth About Rust” – in case you missed it.



  1. Sam L. says:

    Didn’t work for me; the work on the knife was covered by the red/blue translucent overlayer.

    1. Weird, the embed is screwy. Hover your cursor over the lower right corner until the YouTube icon appears. Click it to watch the video on YouTube.
      I had the same problem but that works fine.

  2. Jerome says:

    What was that powder thing they used?

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Video: Knife Restoration FTW

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