Video: Police taser naked knife-wielding man in Harlem

The NYPD is not known for their marksmanship. In the past couple of weeks there have been high profile incidents where they have expended a tremendous amount of ammunition with results simply embarrassing in one case (83/84 rounds missed the suspect, with a single hit to the perps calf),  and tragic in the other (miss perp, kill bystander).

So it is probably best for all involved that they opted to use a taser to take down a naked, knife wielding man in Harlem.



From NY Daily News:

“It’s a nice day. You are out in the park and next thing you know there’s a naked man with a knife,” Johnson said. “One second there were kids playing, then we were all running.”

“A female police officer pulled her gun out and yelled “Stop, stop,” witnesses said. But the man just veered in another direction and kept moving.

Tim Vocals, 25, said the stark-naked man wound up on the corner of 114th St. and Lenox Ave.

“He was doing his money dance, butt naked in front of the cop,” Vocals said.

“They Tasered him and he fell hard, like fried chicken. He was shaking on the ground. They fried him,” Vocals said.”

I know that tasers don’t always work, but in this case the dude went down like Fraiser.

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Video: Police taser naked knife-wielding man in Harlem

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