Video: Steve Calvert makes a canister Damascus knife from bird-shot

I am a big fan of Steve Calvert’s (Green Beetle Gear) knifemaking videos. His videos are a great mix of time-lapse video (with dampened sound) and a second audio-track where he discusses his work step by step. In the video below, Steve demonstrates two specific techniques of note. The first is “simply” making canister Damascus from steel bird-shot and a length of shotgun barrel. Because the shot is likely mild steel and not something with a higher carbon content, he adds carbon through a second technique called carburizing, where he uses a mixture of sodium carbonate and charcoal to infuse more carbon into the blade.

Cool stuff. The forged shot makes a beautiful pattern in the steel.

Like most of the knives Steve makes for his videos, this one is being auctioned on Ebay to benefit St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. There are approximately 20 hours left at the time of this publication. You can place a bid here.

If you have a few minutes ans are so inclined you can see more of his work on the Green Beetle YouTube channel. You can also read Steve’s 5 from the Grinder feature here.



  1. boardsnbikes says:

    From the eBay auction description: “WARNING this knife may speed the growth and fullness of mustache.”

    That made me smile. 🙂

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Video: Steve Calvert makes a canister Damascus knife from bird-shot

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