Video: Sunday Morning Not-So-Funnies From Britain.

History buffs will recall that Britain confiscated most of its subjects’ privately-owned firearms in the years between the World Wars. So effectively was the populace disarmed that most of them would have been defenseless against the planned German invasion of the British Isles, codenamed Operation Sea Lion.

War Ministry officials were so alarmed at the paucity of firearms in British hands in the early 1940s that they appealed to American civilians to donate their rifles and pistols to the training and armament of British civil-defense forces. Americans answered the call and donated tonnes of weapons to their British cousins. Luckily for all, Germany never established naval or air superiority over the British, and Operation Sea Lion was never undertaken.

Britain is hardly facing a Nazi army of crusty bagels and stringy beef, but its laughable and lamentable history of civilian disarmament continues apace.

If the Land Of Hope And Glory does find itself menaced by millions of un-cuttable roasts and rolls gathering on the beaches of Pas de Calais, they’d better not ask America to ride to the rescue again. They’ll have to beat their plowshares back into butter knives this time around.

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  1. fliteking says:

    The Brits have lost it, their enemies are beheading folks in the street and still theygo after the common citizen.

    They are even big time wusses when it comes to sentencing. This guy got 4.5 years for outright killing a man on tape . . . did not even know they guy.

  2. Tom in Oregon says:

    That video made me very sad.

    1. Matt in FL says:

      I second that. I don’t particularly care about the knives, but the attitudes make me sad.

  3. NavyRetGold says:

    Britain has become a socialist sewer. They have made it illegal to own anything that is capable of being used to defend oneself. The effeminate fools that vote for that yoke of regulation deserve whatever they get, and certainly do not deserve being bailed out, yet again, by the US. It is worse than sad, to see a nation that once claimed “The sun never sets on the British Empire”, and whose WWII leader declared “We shall never surrender!” devolve into such a nation of pussies.

    1. Roger says:

      It was a nation of pussies long before Churchill or their globally disastrous empire. Remember the Romans owned the Brits outright until they fell. After they fell the Welsh and Scots almost took over England in a series of wars most historians decide to not care about recording decently and various Nordic peoples raided them constantly because “what were they going to do about it”. In response to this the once unified “Romano-British”, as they were fond of calling themselves, split into competing kingdoms. Eventually they just asked an outside power to come bail them out. And they’ve done the same basic dance every dynasty since.

  4. J- says:

    As a gun owner, I’ve always found it comical to see pictures of police standing around the guns they collected during a buyback. A bunch of cops and politicians posing with some old, rusted shut, single shot, shotgun, like they has accomplished something. To see UK police and politicians standing around a crate of rusted old kitchen knifes with a look of victory on their faces was just tragic and embarrassing.

    1. Sam L. says:

      Looked to me like there were some machetes, swords (quality unknown), and lots of knives (again, quality unknown), some well-used, others newish, but not obvious junk.

      I expect none were turned in by muslims.

      1. Adam says:

        what would it matter if any of them were turned in by Muslims? are you trying to insinuate something?

        the swords i saw looked like cheap crap, and most of the rest were kitchen knives and cleavers. im sure there were some more decent quality knives in there but i really don’t think anyone who would have spent the money on a decent knife would have been stupid enough to go and say, yeah, here, take my $100+ knife and grind it up.

        1. Sam L. says:

          Only that I suspect they’d keep their knives.

  5. Foster says:

    Completely laughable. When is the campaign to turn in pointed sticks and hammers?

    1. Chris Dumm says:

      They’ve already banned pointed index fingers. In schools.

  6. Rick says:

    YAY! All those eeevil weapons turned in by yobs, who promise to live an honourable life evermore. Or, perhaps, not. Good bye Britannia. We is the US give thanks to her for being our mum, but everything dies eventually. Like the law-abiding Brits who just gave up their edged weapons.

    Eh, screw it. Self-defense has been illegal for years now. It doesn’t matter whether you use a gun, a knife, a bat (remember the restrictions on internet bat sales during the London “unrest”?), or an over-baked scone: the innocent party will be brought to the bar. Depressing…

    1. Adam says:

      i would hardly consider most of those “edged weapons” most of them looked stolen out of mum’s kitchen drawers.

  7. Great Scot says:

    I live in Britain. Yeah. Poor me.
    My EDC consists of a small torch. Yuup. Honestly, I can’t even carry my Victorinox Classic SD. My home defence is a baseball bat.
    Great Scot

    1. Sam L. says:

      Not a cricket bat?

  8. aden says:

    What a waste. There seemed to be a lot of good old farm type tools in there. There are lots of charities than collect food and clothing for poor half destroyed communities those people sure need knives too.

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Video: Sunday Morning Not-So-Funnies From Britain.

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