Video: Traditional Puukko Knife Making

Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons

The Puukko is the classic and indigenous sheath knife of Finland, although the design is common to all of Scandinavia. My Finnish friend Markku instantly recognized my Swedish Mora knife with a smile. “Mora knives!” he said, “In Finland and Sweden everybody has some of these.”

I ran across this ancient YouTube video demonstrating traditional Puukko manufacture. If it starts to play in some language other than English, fiddle with the ‘settings’ button until you hear English narration in a polite BBC accent.

Watching this video has me itching to order another Mora, but a shorter and traditionally-styled model. I think I’ve got $16 stuck in a PayPal account somewhere…




  1. Matt in FL says:

    Is there anything better than seeing someone make something by hand like that? The inlay on the handle amazed me.

    I want one of those knives. Gonna have to look into that.

  2. Colby says:

    I worked as a blacksmith for a few years. Seeing videos like this really makes one appreciate the amount of artisanship required to make a beautiful and functional knife like that. Being from Texas, my own cultural heritage gives me an affinity for fine handmade bowie knives. But after seeing this video I have a new found appreciation for the functional design of these Scandinavian knives.

    I wonder what a hand made knife like the one in the video would cost? I’d love to find a source for one.

    1. Mike L. says:

      You can check out this source. They are one of the higher end folks.

  3. Jim says:

    I have made several puukos and very much enjoy them. You can buy inexpensive blades from Lauri and then source a beautiful block of wood to make your own. It is fun to slow down and properly fit the bolster and handle and then shape it to whatever suits you.

    The best part is that Puukos are easy to sharpen and look awesome. When you make your own it is one of a kind.

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Video: Traditional Puukko Knife Making

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