Trump goes after Carson on stabbing story; mimes knife attack

I have no more than a civically-responsible interest in the Republican horserace. I like some of what most of them say, and hate as much or more.  I have been a Libertarian since reading Hayek and Rothbard at Kenyon. I am thus resigned to a life of frustration as the binary will not be crumbling any time soon.

I am aware of the Ben Carson stabbing story, and that it was verified by his mother in 1997, despite protestations from the Left. I can buy that a troubled kid could turn themselves around and the subsequent decades have seemed to bear that out in the case of Dr. Carson. He seems like a nice and accomplished man, but he has shown a questionable grasp on Constitutional principles on too many occasions to ever have my support.

Donald Trump used the story to go after Carson the other night, calling him “pathological” and miming a stabbing attack. He also mentioned hammer and padlock incidents which I had been unfamiliar with.

From ABCNews:

“It hit the belt. And the knife broke. Give me a break,” Trump told the crowd at Iowa Central Community College. Trump then stepped away from the podium and demonstrated what Carson stabbing a friend in the belt would look like.

“He hit the belt buckle? Anybody with a knife wanna try it on me? Believe me it ain’t gonna work,” Trump said.

To take this much further would be to delve into politics that are well beyond the scope of the blog. Not to mention would make my head explode at this point. However, if we purport to cover the politics and culture of knives, the Carson story and Trump response bear mention here. But not much.

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Trump goes after Carson on stabbing story; mimes knife attack

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