Video: Watch Japanese Iaido master slice 100mph fastball.

Thank you all for bearing with my not posting today. After the Project Healing Waters fishing tournament yesterday, I really just wanted to put my feet up, watch the Buckeyes game, and crash on the couch. My Veteran, Boat Sponsor, and I finished in 2nd place overall, filling our 10 slots with a total of 138″, just 14″ shy of first.(You can see some pictures from the event here).

Now that the event has passed it is time to get back to work. A hat tip goes out to Sam L. for this video and all of the other links he finds for us.

Isao Machii is a master at Iaido, a Japanese sword-style. He is a world record holder at quick-draw, and demonstrates an amazing sense of timing, cleaving a 100mph fastball in two.

That reminds me of the video of a Japanese baseball star facing off against a 300kph (186mph) pitching machine. The video is down from Youtube, but you can see the whole thing here.   (jump to the 2:00 mark if you just want to see the action, though the Japanese talk show is funny in its own right). Fortunately there is .gif loop of it for those in a hurry, though his facial expressions in the full video are hysterical.



  1. Milan K says:

    Well baseball is nice. BB gun pellet is another level
    Same guy


  2. Sam L. says:

    If he’s young enough to play baseball, I’d bet he’d be a .400 or better hitter.

    1. You can’t teach reflexes

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Video: Watch Japanese Iaido master slice 100mph fastball.

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