Video: Watch UK Police not ventilate a knife-wielding perp


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The event in question took place last year, but the site uploaded this video yesterday. If I am not mistaken, most UK beat-cops do not carry firearms, and thus the two officers do not simply take the US approach and  shoot the perp. One officer clearly uses pepper spray, but that doesn’t stop the him. He eventually runs and the officers were able to tackle and arrest him. I am not sure if a taser was attempted or even available.

That being said, I am pretty well fine if a cop uses deadly force when faced with this level of violence. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

I can’t embed the video, but you can see it here.



  1. Tod says:

    I’m an expat living in the UK, and you’re right cops don’t carry guns here. They’ll sing the praises all day long about the utopian gun/knife-free society. But nobody mentions or questions the absolute disregard Charles Criminal has for cops here. I’ve seen it.

    Anyone wanting insight into UK mentality on this subject need look no further than the “Keep Calm & Carry On” meme. In other words, someone in authority says it’s good for me so it must be good for me.

    People with guns have threatened my life on more than one occasion, the first time cops with guns stopped them. By the second time I was armed, and only because I was armed everyone involved walked away unharmed.

    It’s my choice to live in the UK, and I love it here. But I miss my freedoms.

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Video: Watch UK Police not ventilate a knife-wielding perp

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