Video: Xolette demonstrates her knife-throwing practice routine

Xolette is anything but an OFWG. She is a cute, petite, Filipina whose YouTube channel has more than 45k subscribers. She is a biology teacher by vocation, but her passion is knife throwing.  The above video is her latest and I found myself wasting far too much time this morning watching this and her others.


What stands out in her videos is her personality. Her delivery isn’t just a droning monotone, rather it is full of bloopers and genuine emotion when a tough shot is made or there is a string of misses. She alludes to her geeky past (and present) in a way that is relateable to anyone who was into D&D, video games, and other similar pursuits. Or who geeks out on knives for that matter.

I definitely need to hang another board and get back to throwing. I need a way to let out some aggression and angst while pacing the floor watching the sputtering tOSU offense.

I have miles to go before I approach Xolette’s level of proficiency however.

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Video: Xolette demonstrates her knife-throwing practice routine

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