Videos: 1000-degree knife meets everyday items

There are a couple of reasons I am going with this tonight instead of waiting to use these videos for a Sunday Funny. First, they are only a couple of days old, and are already beginning to go viral, including spawning a few copycats. I wanted to be ahead of the curve and share before they become ubiquitous. These two come from the Mr Gear YouTube Channel.

The other reason is I spent my research time this evening chatting on the phone with my esteemed sidekick and Associate Editor David. It had been a while since we had caught up, and I was excited to hear what he has coming down the pike with regards to his company- Nordsmith Knives. It isn’t my place to share now, but it sounds like his Sophomore and Junior efforts are going to be solid additions to his flagship Canteen Knife. We also chatted about other topics, some TTAK related and some not, but it left me in the position of having nothing ready to write this evening.

Enter reader Sam D. who emailed me the first video. Of course I got sucked in and watched the one below as well and so I am going to go with them. I always appreciate any leads, tips, and links you all send my way. Please keep them coming to Much obliged.

Entertaining stuff, though I imagine that the smell of burning protein and plastic had to get a bit heavy. And this has to completely ruin the knife’s heat-treat.

Thanks again Sam.


  1. Sam L. says:

    I thought for sure those lighters would flame up!

  2. cmeat says:

    they’re just requenching to a higher rockwell hardness.

  3. Cajun Pete says:

    How do you hold your thumb on a hot knife blade?

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Videos: 1000-degree knife meets everyday items

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