Video: Installments 2-4 of Murray Carter’s YouTube Q&A.

We shared Part 1 of Murray Carter’s YouTube Q&A when it debuted, and now that he has released 3 more editions, I figured they were worth passing along en bloc. 

In the first video he answers a question from a high-school class, gives words of encouragement and caution to a potential smith with epilepsy, and engages is a very thorough explanation of hardness and toughness in blades.


In part 3 Murray discusses paracord wraps, give the (rather obvious in hindsight) reason you don’t find jimping on carbon knives, and explains a bit about cold-forging blades. Lastly I enjoyed his explanation of how he sources his steel.


In part 4, Murray gives advice for a knifemaker who has recently “turned pro”. He describes his EDC kit, maintaining his passion after having made more than 20,000 knives in his career, and discusses the future plans for Carter Cutlery – including moving to a new and considerably larger facility, and dreams of the plan after that. Oh, and he hints at some potential future line of folding knives.

I spent way too much time watching all 3 of these. I hope that at least a few of you enjoy our sharing this series. I am a huge fan of Carter-san’s work, and personally I find knowing the maker and understanding their philosophy dramatically increases the enjoyment of using a knife.

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Video: Installments 2-4 of Murray Carter’s YouTube Q&A.

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