Videos: Zac Brown Southern Grind Knives in action.

Continuing on the theme from yesterday’s Question of the Day, I am going to make an attempt to mix things up a bit more. A few more “knives in action” posts interspersed with our regular lineup of posts. This one is going to be a little on the quick side since I am still fighting the crud, but I found a cool series of videos on the Zac Brown Southern Grind knives YouTube Channel. The above video is a one off, but below the jump is a brutal video from their “Will it Cut?” series, in this case a repeated piercing of a steel drum. Finally, a video showing the knives themselves being made – I couldn’t help it.

Cool stuff, though I think I would invest in a steel glove. Something I plan on doing soon myself.

And finally, this is just cool:


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Videos: Zac Brown Southern Grind Knives in action.

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