Walter Sorrells Video: Grind geometry explained

Will Woods began the discussion with his Truth About Blade Shapes: Flat Bevel Grinds and The Truth About Tantos, but knifemaker Walter Sorrells tackles the subject with his usual clear explanations and visual demonstrations.

In his latest video, Walter discusses flat, hollow, convex, chisel, and other specialty grinds. Enjoy and be informed.


  1. Chrispy says:

    I’ve been watching his videos for about two months now since I found his YouTube channel, they’re very informative. Plus I always get a laugh at his dry sarcastic sense of humor!

    Thanks to him I’m going to try my hand at knife making when I don’t need to burn through a hundred gallons of propane to heat my shop!

  2. elcas says:

    what i like about his vidz is that he doesn’t witheld info

    1. Definitely among the most clearly informative videos out there.

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Walter Sorrells Video: Grind geometry explained

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