Watch a diver remove a large knife lodged in a shark’s head

A SCUBA instructor recently channeled his inner “SeaMan”, when he came to the aid of a nurse shark in the waters off the Cayman Islands.

According to Cayman Compass,

“A scuba diving instructor was leading a group of tourists on a dive off Cayman Brac when he made the bizarre discovery of a shark with a kitchen knife sticking out of its head.

Brett Johnson coolly swam down and removed the knife from the shark, which appears to have survived the ordeal.”

The incident has sparked new concern about treatment of sharks, which are a protected species in the Cayman Islands.

I am friends with many divers, though I personally do not like voluntarily relinquishing my status atop the food chain. However, as a fishing guide, I do understand wanting to take care of the place where one makes a living doing something they love. Kudos to Mr. Johnson for his Samaritan act.


  1. Hannibal says:

    The better question is how it got stuck in there in the first place

    Did some nitwit think he was gonna be able to claim ‘badass’ status by killing a ‘nurse shark’ (not exactly a great white) and then he shut up when it just swam away?

    Or was someone practicing knife juggling on a yacht and the shark was in a really unlucky position?

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Watch a diver remove a large knife lodged in a shark’s head

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