Watch Japanese swordsman break tatami mat-slicing record

We have brought you a video of Iaido Master Isao Machii slicing a 100mph fastball, but he also does “official” challenges as well. He recently set the record for tatami mat-slicing.


The rules for this title state that the straw shafts must be a minimum of 90 cm in length and clearly divided into four sections of 15 cm. The cuts must then be made in the 15cm sections marked on the shafts.
The martial arts master successfully wins the record with a total of 87 precise samurai sword cuts.

“I see Guinness World Records as a way of securing my legacy … a great way for me to have my name go down in history around the world,” Isao said.
The 44-year-old, who learning his sport at the age of five, has secured a number of impressive Guinness World Records titles thanks to his katana skills.
His other titles include Fastest tennis ball cut by sword, Fastest BB pellet cut by sword (pictured above), Most sword cuts to straw mats in three minutes, Most martial arts sword cuts to one mat (Suegiri) and Fastest 1,000 martial arts (iaido) sword cuts



A quick housekeeping note:

I want to thank everyone for their patience as I have been travelling this week. I was able to pre-write most of my Knife Madness Tournament posts, and just fill in the winning score from my phone before publication, but wasn’t able to just sit down and work.

Thank you to David, Jake, and Dan for helping out as well. Oh, and a tip of the hat to The Blogfather for sharing several of our posts. It was a tremendous boost, especially the 11k+ views we received on Dan’s “Gun-carrier’s Knife” post.I promise I will be back up to full speed by Monday, but for now I am going to lie back on the couch and watch basketball until I pass out. My 7.5 hour drive back from Cleveland took 9 hours in the pouring rain. I am whooped.

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Watch Japanese swordsman break tatami mat-slicing record

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