Watch Jason Momoa throw axes with Jimmy Kimmel – without spilling his Guinness.

Jason Momoa Tomahawk

If your social media feeds are anything like mine, this will probably serve as a nice diversion. Nothing groundbreaking, but I fiugred I could drop it in the feed while I work on some other pieces. There are worse things than watching Jason Momoa throw axes.

I didn’t know who Jason Momoa is, but apparently he is the lead in upcoming Aquaman film. He looks to be considerably more bad-ass than I remember the character being in the cartoon. Even if that incarnation of Aquaman was kinda lame, Jason throws axes and drinks Guinness. He can’t be all bad.

Then there is this interpretation on South Park…(NSFW)

h/t Axe Junkies


  1. jlottmc says:

    He played Ronin Dex on Stargate Atlantis. I think he would have made a much better Lobo Santini if he were to be a DC character. Great talent.

  2. Sam L. says:

    Not as funny as Ed Ames on Johnny Carson, but what could be.

  3. Carlos says:

    More importantly, he played Khal Drago in Game of Thrones. He’s definitely too badass for Aquaman.

  4. Back in the 60’s ,in Seatte, my next door neighbor sold life insurance. But also was a west coast axe throwing champ. Had a whole wall of trophies. Twas kinda hard see him with a suit and tie after watching him compete. Taught his son and I. Mamoa also did some fancy axe stuff in “Bullet To The Head”

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Watch Jason Momoa throw axes with Jimmy Kimmel – without spilling his Guinness.

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