We have a FaceBook contest winner. Thanks for your help.


Zach S. is the winner of our FaceBook referral contest.

Our FaceBook contests have finished, and we would like to thank everyone for the increased chatter on our page. The increase in engagement has significantly boosted our reach. FaceBook doesn’t actually share your page’s posts widely unless pay for them, or if they generate likes, shares, and comments. I have had posts get as few as 30 views despite our having more than 1200 page likes. If you want to be sure our posts hit your feed, regardless of reach, you can select “See First” on a drop-down menu if you click on the “Liked/Like Page” button at the top of our FaceBook page.

Our contests and BLADE Show coverage generated a lot of engagement.. This organic traffic boosted our reach significantly. Instead of sending money to Suckerberg, we mailed out a lot of swag from the show and bought a great knife from custom maker Kim Breed. We have tallied the results, and are ready to send out the knife.

In reality, there wasn’t a whole lot to tally. Only Zach S. had people contact us that they were referred by him. Eight of his friends wrote in to give him credit. That was it. I was able to tell that a couple of you tried by sharing our contest post and asking your friends to help. While no one contacted us on your behalf, I have a copy of Creek Stewart’s new book Survival Hacks for one of you and a CRKT hat for the other.  I will contact you on the FaceBook side of things to take care of that.

I do need to disclose that I know Zach personally. I met him in the security line in the Detroit airport several years ago. Turns out he is a part-time fishing guide and we exchanged contact info. We became friends on FaceBook, but we have spent a grand total of 10 minutes or so in each other’s presence.  David can verify that there were 8 messages crediting him if anyone wants to call shenanigans.

Please continue to like, comment and share on our FaceBook page. I can’t stress enough how much this helps us. While you are at it, please follow our Twitter feed (@knifetruth) and Instagram (also @knifetruth). After getting dissed by BLADE Show in our quest for media passes this year, we are on a mission to up our social media game.

Thanks everyone.



  1. Daniel J Benoit says:

    What a beautiful knife Zach won. I do not remember the name/maker of this gem. I have an account/home page with Facebook.

    Just search Daniel J. Benoit. If someone would kindly drop me a message I would love to look at more knives from this source/maker.

    Kind Regards


    nativecajun57 @ yahoo.com

    1. Look up @kimbreed1911 on Instagram.

  2. cmeat says:

    i really should finger out how this pacebus thing works and stop ludditing. does that stuckeysburger fella offer any tutorials?

  3. Daniel says:

    do not have a clue about Instagram.

    Have never signed up for it, “if you have to”, and have never used it.

    No problem. Sooner or later I will find it. Had all your blogs from a month or more before BLADE then all thereafter.

    Phone was giving me trouble and I lost them. But since I have found the blogs archived at “something I typed in” then I found TTAK website and yes as said then the archives. So I will have fun looking for it.

  4. Daniel says:

    Kim Breed custom. Will dig further later.

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We have a FaceBook contest winner. Thanks for your help.

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