We have a winner, now we need a “Readers’ Choice”

An anonymous author will receive the White River Knives “Backpacker”. The Kansbol goes to the Readers’ Choice winner.

I would like to thank everyone who submitted work for our 2017 Reader Submission Contest. David, Jake, and I have conferred and we are pleased to announce “My son’s “illegal knife” nightmare” as the winner of the Grand Prize – the White River Knives “Backpacker”.  It is a piece that resonated beyond these pages, drawing engagement and an email share from AKTI, an Instalanche, and a numerous other social media mentions. It garnered almost  15,000 views, making it our 44th most viewed post of all time.

We aren’t done yet. We have the Morakniv Kansbol, donated by Stig from Tormek, for our “Readers’s Choice” winner. You can see a complete list of entries here. Leave your choice in the comments below, before midnight Sunday EDT.

I would also like to thank reader Erik for reminding me of an outstanding “Caption This” contest. I have a pathological hatred of going to the Post Office, and I forgot all about it when I went out west.

There were two prizes for this contest. The SOG Centi II is on its way to Stuartb for his caption:

“Ethan, that’s enough with the sausages, let’s clear the table and set those cups out for beer pong.”

“OK, looser has to work for Gerber”

The prize for the second caption is a Hogue Inc. 50th Anniversary challenge coin. I flipped a coin between cmeat and Erik, cmeat won. Since Erik was the third person to leave a caption for the second piece, and reminded me of my shameful oversight, I am going to send him the SOG MACV Tool keychain multitool.





  1. Sam L. says:

    I like the “My Knife” story.

  2. stuartb says:

    Clay, don’t stress, I’d forgotten the caption contest too! Thanks all the same, and congrats to the readers submissions contributors, all good entries.

  3. stuartb says:

    “Carrying a knife in China” is my pick for readers choice

  4. Erik says:

    Carry a Fixed Blade
    All were interesting but this one provided more utility than the others.

  5. Ellen says:

    “My Knife” for Readers’ Choice

  6. Katie says:

    I loved “My Knife”…I’ve got a soft spot for young, hard working guys with talent.

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We have a winner, now we need a “Readers’ Choice”

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