Weekend Film Fest: A bit of everything…

Howdy Folks! It is time for another edition of the TTAK Film Fest. I have scoured the past two weeks’ videos on YouTube for a variety of selections for your weekend perusal. The video above is a reader suggestion. I don’t have much to say about that one except:


I don’t like to post combat training videos as a general rule. “Experts” are a dime a dozen, and it is well established that most martial arts training only tangentially resembles an actual knife fight. Frankly, I also don’t know enough about the topic to separate the wheat from the chafe. This video is from a fencing and medieval weapons school. Both the pedigree and the vast distance between what is being demonstrated and a street fight allowed it to make the cut. It is an apples to oranges comparison.

It was interesting to see the validity of the adage “the point beats the edge” tested.


I have been anxious to try to make my own kydex sheath, but this one seems to work well and is made from common pvc pipe. He does a nice job, but I would want to cover the pvc with some fabric. I just think it is a bit ugly unless the S has HTF.


I admit I am a sucker for a time lapse knifemaking video. I have seen plenty of railroad spike knives, but this is the first drill bit one I have come across.


This is the silly video of the week. Completely unnecessary, but fun nonetheless.



We have devoted a couple of posts to the attack of the US Ambassador in Seoul this week. I don’t apologize for this as it is certainly the most newsworthy knife story of the last week. The above video is raw footage of the attacker’s arrest as well as some of the Ambassador being treated and taken to the hospital.

Below is a video commentary on the attack by uber-leftist Cenk Uygur. He was going along swimmingly and I was largely on board with what he was saying. Then he tried to tie it to Gun Control. I understand that firearms are highly regulated in South Korea. However, there is no way that someone with as many revolutionary contacts as the perp would be unable to score a piece if he wanted. Given that his last attack on the Japanese Ambassador was with a rock, he is either a nut-job who has not yet escalated to shooting, or had a semi-rational reason for choosing a knife.



  1. David says:

    Kind of a blade dump eh? Speaking of which how is the box of old knives project(s) coming?

    1. Not sure what you mean by “Blade Dump”…

      I try to put a variety of different topic into these Film Fest posts. The variety lets me cover legal, political, humorous, and just plain cool stuff. They don’t usually garner a lot of feedback, so any comments on what you like or don’t like would be appreciated.

      thanks for reading

  2. I want to bump this to the top of the Comments:

    These video compilations do not garner much in the way of feedback.

    What are you guys liking, not liking, want to see more of, less of, etc.

  3. David says:

    Blade dump is a good thing 🙂

    Your choices are all over the place which is a very good thing in my book.

    I personally like the old school blade stuff. The guy in the spear vid is a big HEMA advocate. He has his own channel on youtube. According to him, HEMA goes up to WWI or even WWII. As such there is some overlap w/ modern, street knife-fighting. Not sure if I agree or disagree but a different perspective for sure.

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Weekend Film Fest: A bit of everything…

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