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Sylvester Stalone is auctioning off many of his movie props, including one of Rambo’s knives.

Even as David and I have cranked up our output this week, there are still a ton of things that we have stumbled across but aren’t going to have the chance to cover in more detail. We are going to do our best to maintain an increase pace of posts, and would love a little help from you all. Please send any links that might be of interest to the blog to thetruthaboutknives@gmail.com.

Kicking things off is the announcement that Sly Stallone is auctioning off a whole bunch of movie props from his collection including Rambo’s knife. A portion of the proceeds are going to military related charities. No indication from ABCNews which movie’s knife is the one up for auction, but it is likely not the one from “First Blood” because that was sold at auction in 2013. (for a cool $90k)

“I saw the John Wayne auction and I thought it would have been so much more effective if John Wayne had still been alive so he could explain to his fans what some of his pieces meant to him,” Stallone said. “I’m not that young, but still aware enough to appreciate the people that will appreciate owning (these items).”

I want to like the guy, but his outspoken hoplophobia shows that some of Rocky’s brain damage might not be acting.


The losers of the MesoAmerican ballgame had their heads cut off or their hearts ripped out. This wouldn’t work out well for Cleveland Sports.

I originally came across “Why you have never heard of the greatest sport ever invented” from the humor site Cracked. I had taken some Mayan archaeology classes in college, and was familiar with the subject. The game was as much of a ritual reenactment of Mayan mythology as it was a sport. I am calling it a knife post because the losers were decapitated or had their hearts cut out with obsidian knives.

For those of you who want to read more about PreColumbian obsidian knives and human sacrifice, click here.


a 3000 year old bronze leatherworking knife from the Isle of Wight

In keeping with the archaeological vein, tourists on the British Isle of Wight discovered a 3000 year old bronze knife, likely a leatherworking implement.

From Daily Mail UK:

‘We were enjoying a one-week holiday and were walking on Sandown Beach when the detector buzzed and we noticed that the objects looked unusual.

‘I have a keen interest in history and immediately thought they were very old, because the knife has a green colour which is often found on old copper.

‘The shape also gave me an indication it was an historical artefact. ‘

He said it was an ‘unbelievable feeling’ when they found out the knife is 3,000 years old.

This conjures up the closing scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I picture a bunch of police cars swooping in and arresting some poor beachcombing tourist for an “offensive weapon”.

Stupid Knife Use of the Week:

-A Jersey City man is facing 20 years in prison for holding a man up with a steak knife. His haul for the heist, a whopping $1.

-A Florida man used a steak knife to try to carjack an unmarked Police car containing two detectives. He was arrested.

Finally, the below video is NSFW, but shows a guy attempt to pull a knife in the midst of an argument that was turning physical. He was unable to draw it from under his shirt. His opponent took umbrage with his attempted escalation an plain flattens the man with a right cross. The clip doesn’t have enough context to discern whom the initial aggressor  was, but wow. Dude is out before he hits the floor.



  1. stuartb says:

    Great week of posts. The wrench knife was the highlight. Would be good if you identfy the post’s author, then we’ll know who’s about to batton what! Keep up the good work guys

  2. ChuckN says:

    I thought it was the winners who got the knife. Or is that
    simply a difference between the Mayan and Aztec versions?

    1. Maybe among the Aztecs, I know less about them. For the Maya, the Hero Twins of mythology are victorious on the court over the Lords of Xibalba, avenging their father.

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Weekend link-dump

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