Weekend Long-read: Why Liberals should love the 2nd Amendment


“For the Children” is EXACTLY why I fight for the Second Amendment

Howdy folks, I am running behind tonight, and really don’t have time to both look for content and write. So I am just going to write.

I took Thing 1 flyfishing in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park today. It was her first time fishing with a bug-rod. I, Clay Aalders, mighty professional fishing guide, had failed spectacularly with my first 4 attempts (granted with worms and powerbait, not a fly) to put her onto fish on a variety of local waters.

This year I said screw it and taught her to cast a fly rod. I take clients as young as 8, and she isn’t much younger. Today I had the opportunity to take her out and give it a shot. She landed 3 fish I hooked, and hooked and landed 1 on her own. It was a wonderful day. Thanks for indulging my storytelling tonight.

I will be back tomorrow evening if I don’t have time before then, but in the mean time I will leave you with this. As KnifeRights.org likes to say “Knives are the second front in the fight for the Second Amendment. Unfortunately, the actions of a deranged racist in VA followed closely on the heels of another deranged racist in SC, and the hoplophobic media have managed to fan the gun control flames again. To that end, there is an older piece from the Daily Kos (of all places): “Why Liberals should love the 2nd Amendment“, and it is the singularly best defense of the Second Amendment I have ever read.

From Kaili Joy Gray at Daily Kos:

“When it comes to discussing the Second Amendment, liberals check at the door their ability to think rationally.  In discussing the importance of any other portion of the Bill of Rights, liberals can quote legal precedent, news reports, and exhaustive studies.  They can talk about the intentions of the Founding Fathers.

And they will, almost without exception, conclude the necessity of respecting, and not restricting, civil liberties.

So why do liberals have such a problem with the Second Amendment?  Why do they lump all gun owners in the category of “gun nuts”?  Why do they complain about the “radical extremist agenda of the NRA”?  Why do they argue for greater restrictions?

Why do they start performing mental gymnastics worthy of a position in Bush’s Department of Justice to rationalize what they consider “reasonable” infringement of one of our most basic, fundamental, and revolutionary — that’s right, revolutionary — civil liberties?”

As the Good Doctor would say, “Read the whole thing”.


  1. AW1Ed says:

    Good read. OK, amazing read considering it’s up at Kos, but it doesn’t seem to have resonated much with the lefties. It’s dated April 21, 2008.

    1. I know it was an old one, and given I didn’t have a ton of time last night I was confident that it’s quality would make up for my lack of personal investment.

    2. Btw. Fwiw they did feature it during the post Sandy Hook insanity. If you google there is another date as well. Kid actually ran it twice.

  2. Grindstone says:

    “When it comes to discussing the Second Amendment, liberals check at the door their ability to think rationally. ”

    Opening line nailed it perfectly.

    1. Grindstone says:

      Finished the article. Very good read. Completely nails the hypocrasy that many liberals have about the 2nd Amendment. The problem is somehow many have latched onto this idea that “security” is provided by disarming all people and handing complete power over to the state. I don’t know what their game plan beyond that is, but apparently it’s all hopes and dreams that the state won’t turn evil and start doing things like, oh I don’t know, murderering unarmed black men? Nah, too crazy of an idea.

  3. John B says:

    There is also a very well written piece on the importance of gun rights from a leftist view at:


    It is rather long but worth the reading time.

    1. Wow… Excellent piece so far. I will read more once I get tomorrow’s posts written.

      Thanks. Great find.

  4. David says:

    Liberals are not for liberty. They want to “prohibit” drugs, prostitution, pornography, alcohol, etc. They still believe that prohibition “works” (loaded word I know) and that making it harder to get ones hands on certain items (guns, swords, explosives, etc.) will make things harder – cuz they know it will not “work” in that many will get their hands on prohibited hardware. What’s even worse is when people improvise weapon choices and make history doing so. Like:

    9/11, OK city bombing, Tokyo subway gassing, etc.

    The tech genie is out the bottle. Now globalization is just giving him access to more wishers.

  5. Sam L. says:

    From what I’ve seen, libs no longer believe any of those things.

    1. Intellectually honest and consistent ones do. They are just few and far between.

      There was an old-school hippy History Professor at Kenyon who proudly trumpeted his memberships in both the NRA and ACLU.

  6. Both of those articles were awesome! I had never run across either before, thanks for posting them.

    It goes beyond just liberals though, there are plenty of independents and Republicans that believe in gun control. Or at the minimum believe that guns aren’t for the little people.

    For me it comes down to what type of world I want to raise my two boys in, and I choose a free society with free people making their own choices, free from large government in all aspects(not just arms).

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Weekend Long-read: Why Liberals should love the 2nd Amendment

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