Weekly Digest: Bringing A Knife To The Gun Show

New knife games to play, a questionable arrest (?) and your UK Knife Idiocy of the Week, all in this week’s knife digest. 

Bringing A Knife To The Gun Show

Forget Bladesports, how about competitive knife fighting?

From Paratrooper to bladesmith: self taught Gold Coaster Nyati Blades on making knives

The 25-year-old [James Milne] left the army 18 months ago after six years of service and what he said was too many meals with dodgy cutlery.

After leaving he decided to make himself a knife which could cut through steak like butter, rather than buying one from a shop.

Image courtesy of www.goldcoastbulletin.com

Now Mr. Milne is an in-demand bladesmith selling custom pieces for more than $1100 each.

What do you think? Justifiable arrest?

News Reporter Threatened With Knife on Long Island

Image courtesy of News12

Reporter Virginia Huie [from News 12] and her crew had gone to the Levittown home of Jeremy Henggeler Monday to interview him about a controversial Facebook post about an FDNY firefighter’s funeral procession…

Henggeler was in his garage when they got there, and when Huie went up to speak to him, he allegedly showed a knife and threatened her.

The news crew left and notified police, who arrested Henggeler. He was charged with menacing and criminal possession of a weapon.

I’m sure there is more to the story, but I doubt we’ll get an accurate description from News 12. In their reporting they show a photo of a Morakniv Bushcraft, identified as the knife Henggeler brandished, and identify it as a 6-inch hunting knife. I can let the “hunting knife” descriptor slide (it is orange, after all) but who knows where the six inch measurement came from. Official specs list the blade as 4.3 inches.

The knife identified as Mt. Henggeler’s “6-inch hunting knife”

Then again, maybe that is just an alternative fact?

UK Knife Idiocy Of The Week

Op Sceptre – Week of Action to Target Knife Crime

“Knives do not keep you safe – quite the opposite. By carrying a knife you are putting yourself in much greater danger, being more likely to become involved in a violent situation and get injured yourself.”

So it’s the knife’s fault?



  1. Arctodus says:

    1. Obviously a man who knows what he wants.

    2. I wouldn’t believe a news reporter if she said Day is light and night is dark. If she entered his garage, he should press charges on her for trespassing.

    3. This is one reason we kicked the British out of our country over 200 years ago, their self-absorbed egos.

  2. Chase M. says:

    3. The similarities of this antiknife argument to the arguments against carrying firearms is astoundingly similar, but the logic really seems much more tenuous when put in the context of carrying a pocketknife.

  3. Sam L. says:

    UK: Of Course it’s the knife’s fault!

  4. Hannibal says:

    It should be impossible to press charges for ‘menacing’ against someone when you are on their property without permission unless necessary (necessary would include, say, a worker from the gas company warning people about a leak down the street- not some reporter trying to get a soundbyte).

  5. cmeat says:

    i am glad to see this digest format.
    an extra effort for sure.

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Weekly Digest: Bringing A Knife To The Gun Show

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