Weekly Digest: Common Sense from the UK?

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A rare bit of common knife-sense in the UK amidst a lot of uncommon sense, funny crimes, and more in this week’s digest.

UK Knife Sanity(?) of the Week?

Mercy for paranoid man who armed himself with a kitchen knife

A man with mental health problems armed himself with a kitchen knife after a confrontation with a vagrant in the street.

George Hinton was seen with the knife by a passing motorist who called police, Exeter Crown Court was told…

He was liable to an automatic six month sentence because it was his second knife offence, but Judge Erik Salomonsen decided not to implement it immediately.

He told him:”I accept you did not threaten anyone with the knife but the circumstances were dangerous because you were drunk and there was a real possibility the knife could have been used.

“Having regard in particular to your mental health issues, and the benefit you will receive from the assistance of the probation service, it is not in the public interest to send you back to prison.”

Bravo Judge Salomonsen. I guess this is a time when an “automatic” sentence really isn’t.

It’s too bad COPS wasn’t filming at the scene at the time. I would have loved to see video of this.

Woman Arrested After “Gently Launching” Knife at Common Law Husband

LUBBOCK, TX – Lubbock Police were called to University Medical Center Wednesday evening because a man [Cruz Anthony Deleon, 25] was in the emergency room with “serious injuries” from a stab wound…

Police later arrested Milinda Marisa Castro, 28.  The two were described in a police report as common-law married.

Castro told police she was doing dishes when Deleon came up behind her and hit her.  She claimed he dragged her out from the kitchen and threw her off the back porch. Police did not find injuries consistent with her story, according to the police report.

During a continued argument, the police report said “she launched the knife gently in his direction” by accident.  Police did not believe her story.

A portion of the police report said:

“[Castro] then advised that she was holding her baby as she knocked the knife off of the counter and into [the victim]. [Castro] was asked if she was doing the dishes or holding her baby and [Castro] advised she was doing both. I asked [Castro] how far away [the victim] was from her when she launched the knife gently in his direction. [Castro] advised that [the victim] was standing by the front door when the knife hit him. Due to the distance between the kitchen sink and there front door, I did not believe it would be plausible for the knife to travel that far and cause that much damage unless it had been picked up and purposely thrown into [the victim’s] direction.”

Thanks Milinda, I needed a laugh!

UK Knife Idiocy of the Week

Because you knew it was too good to last. This one is a twofer.

Stop and search key to London’s battle with knife crime menace

Ms Dick [Metropolitan Police Commissioner] said one of her biggest challenges as the UK’s most senior officer was tackling knife crime, and indicated the likelihood that stop and search might have to be increased in the worst areas.

Image courtesy of Sky News

She told Sky News: “Stop and search is a very important tactic – it’s a very important power for officers and has been hugely powerful in the fight so far against knife crime.

Whether it gets results or not, by their own admission in 2015, roughly 80% of those that they stopped were doing nothing wrong, and let’s not forget that “stop-and-frisk” in New York City is overwhelmingly used to target minorities. For a nation still coming to terms with its Brexit vote, it is hard to see how this move will not exacerbate racial and ethnic tensions.

And now for #2:

Police ‘encouraged’ after knife crime operation sees nearly 200 blades surrendered

The force said it was ‘encouraged’ after 198 blades were deposited in bins at police stations and community hubs – including a bin located at Weston’s Alliance Homes drop-in centre…

Image courtesy of the Weston Mercury

Force lead for knife crime chief inspector Zoe Chegwyn said: “We’re really encouraged with the number of knives which have been surrendered. Every knife surrendered is one less knife on the street.

It is hard to tell how many of those knives have truly been taken “off the street,” and for something as ubiquitous and widely available as a knife (I’m sure every household in Britain has at least one blade in their kitchen), would 200 (mostly kitchen) knives off the street even make an ounce of difference? This is just another example of feel-good theater designed to make the populace think the government is doing something, while they ignore the root causes responsible for the UK’s recent spike of criminals using knives.


  1. 2 utility blades? I have a dispenser pack of 100 within 10 feet of me.

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Weekly Digest: Common Sense from the UK?

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