Weekly Digest: Splendor of the Foolish

A look at some of the useless, weird, and just plain stupid things to cross my desk in the past week…

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Inneffective UK Knife Thing of the Week

In case you haven’t been following along, read this: 2017 and UK Knife Crime Still Rising, Obviously.

Anyone who thinks the following will actually get knives that will be used in crime off the streets either doesn’t know any better, or is willfully ignorant.

Police to launch amnesty to combat rise in knife crime in Cambridgeshire:

The amnesty, which will allow people to hand in a weapon without prosecution, will start on Monday, and is part of the week-long national initiative Operation Sceptre.

…The last knife amnesty was held in October, last year, and resulted in 147 weapons being taken off the streets. [ed. – sure it did]

Weird Knife Crime of the Week

I’ll just leave this here: Knife wielding horseman outruns Roaring Creek cops

Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes

Shoplifter defended by knife-wielding man, both arrested:

“It began with a female who was supposedly shoplifting and, when (store) security attempted to detain her, a male appeared and produced a knife,” Sgt. Dan Peacock of the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station told The Signal Wednesday.

The couple fled in a car that was followed from the store…

Deputies arrested the pair at gunpoint near the area of Soledad Canyon Road and the northbound lanes of Highway 14.



  1. dph says:

    Those Limeys would sh!t if they saw what I carry on a daily basis. Yesterday at one point I had 3 knives and a pistol on me and no one got hurt. In other news Belize police still carry .38 revolvers.

    1. Peter Kennedy says:

      And just what’s wrong with a revolver, sir? When you’re not knocking down doors, that is.

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Weekly Digest: Splendor of the Foolish

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