Weekly Digest: The Latest Todd Talk, New Things and Stranger Things

Todd Hunt talks about his most famous knife, CRKT’s latest release in their Forged By War® program, UK cops face off against an otherworldly foe and more strange news in todays roundup.

The T.M. Hunt M18

T.M. Hunt Talks M-18

Friend of the blog, none other than Todd Hunt of T.M. Hunt Custom Knives (who also just launched a new website here: www.tmhuntcustomknives.com) recently appeared on the Gear Geeks Live Podcast. It is a fun listen, and if you’ve ever been intrigued by Todd’s iconic M-18, be sure to give it a listen at the following link. Amongst a wide ranging discussion, Todd walks through the design philosophy of his flagship blade, and shares a story about a close scrape with legal entanglements from none other than Jerry Busse. Don’t worry, it has a happy ending.


Description from the website

I have wanted to have TM Hunt on the podcast for a long time. Not only is he a nice guy and a hell of a knife maker, but his M18 is probably one of the most intriguing knives I have ever laid eyes on. The massive blade, unusual shape, and classic handle have piqued my fancy for many years. But this is a fixed blade for woodsman masters and so, before I venture into the world of the M18, I thought I’d have the man himself on to breakdown the blade in almost microscopic detail. If you ever wanted a piece by piece tour of a knife and the chance to hear its designer tell you why everything is the way it is, this is a podcast for you.

Never Bring a Knife to a TV Fight

I’m sure there is more to this story and I would love to know what actually happened here.

From the Rapid City Journal:

Authorities say Gay in 2015 seriously injured a juvenile male with a knife and a television in Kyle, on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. An attorney for Gay declined to comment.

Ya gotta be careful with that television there. It’ll rot your brain.

Ever Had A Ghost Throw A Knife At You?

From The Daily Mail:

Police officers fled in terror when kitchen items, including a 15cm knife, were allegedly hurled at them by a ‘poltergeist’.

Footage taken at the scene shows a knife narrowly missing an officer’s head and a plate thrown across the room.

Despite a thorough search of the house, no one was found inside. The family who live in the property have reportedly refused to return.

An official investigating the attack told a local radio station that the incident was ‘paranormal in character’.

I wonder if they counted this in their recent statistics.

Latest in the CRKT Forged By War® Program: the Rakkasan

New tactical fixed blade designed by war veteran, ready for the front lines.

CRKT® has released the Rakkasan™ tactical fixed blade. Designed by Austin McGlaun of Columbus, Georgia with the Forged By War® program, it’s inspired by the duties of his brothers and sisters in arms who are still abroad.

Rakkasan, is reminiscent of the WWII paratroopers from the 187th infantry regiment. It’s the Japanese translation of “umbrella for falling,” because they were completely unfamiliar with the American combat tactic. Though its name harkens back to another time, it’s prepped and ready for a 21st century battlefield with an SK5 carbon steel blade and a powder coated finish. The deep belly shape is multi-functional and serves just as well as a utility blade as it does a backup defense tool.

The strong, G10 handle has been molded into an optimally ergonomic shape and features three holes for carrying versatility. The Kydex® sheath comes equipped with paracord.

McGlaun served in the 101st airborne division in Iraq, and as a street cop in Columbus. If there’s anyone that knows that a knife has to work both as a weapon and a tool, it’s him. He’s applied his skills as both a combat vet and a knifemaker to create the Rakkasan™. That’s not to mention, a new way to bring his fellow soldiers home.

The combat arena is laden with unexpected variables. The Rakkasan™ serves to address them all.

The Rakkasan™ manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $125.00

Link to Product Information Page:




SKU:             1520
Blade:            Length: 4.894” (124.3 mm)
Edge: Plain Steel: SK5 Carbon
Finish: Powder Coating
Thickness:     0.147” (3.7 mm)
Overall:          10.438” (265.1 mm)
Weight:          9.2 oz. (260.8 g)
Handle:          G10
Style:             Fixed Blade Knife w/Sheath
Sheath:          Material: Kydex®
Weight: 1.9 oz. (53.8 g)


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Weekly Digest: The Latest Todd Talk, New Things and Stranger Things

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