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ESEE Junglas 2

I am hoping to finish my review of the ESEE Junglas 2 by the end of the week.

Scroll down for the original post. Links will be added throughout the week and appear newest-first.


DO YOU NEED THIS?: The “Secret Shoe” :

We’re not suggesting that you infiltrate an enemy’s ranks to take down a hostile foreign power, but if you ever want to dabble in some international espionage, have we got the shoe for you.

A dressy Derby Shoe made from fine deerskin may seem less critical than a working knowledge of close quarters combat or Russian. Still, “The Secret Shoe” from Oliver Sweeney is here to satisfy all your covert spy needs… and then some.

The luxury footwear provider teamed with to stash inside this unsuspecting-looking shoe two hidden compartments that can each hold three gadgets at a time.

Derby Shoe has provided 12 for you to pick from: the world’s smallest phone, a tiny video camera, a mini Swiss army knife, a tracking device, a money capsule, “the world’s most advanced contactless payment ring” and more.


SCARY STUFF: Police body-cam catches man with knife to 2-year-old’s throat.

Thankfully, the child ended up unharmed. The perp tried to slit his own throat.

VIDEO: Man jumps counter and grabs a knife in a kebab-shop



THIS IS SAD: UK mom pleads with court to take her 12-year old autistic son who tried to stab her and gave her black eyes.




I was extremely busy today, so I didn’t get a mid-day update. I will try to do better when I can.

KNIFE MISUSE: Man arrested for throwing a large knife at a car in road rage incident.

SEMI-DEFENSIVE KNIFE USE: Residents of an apartment complex chase away intruder with a bat and a knife.


UPDATE on the TUNISIA JIHADI KNIFE ATTACK: One of the wounded policemen has died.

CHEF ACCUSED OF MURDERING CUSTOMER AT UK CURRY HOUSE: No word if the victim said the meat had jockey-marks on in prior to being attacked.


SEEN ON FACEBOOK: The greatest gate-latch ever…

EXTREMELY GRAPHIC!!!: Russian College student slaughters his teacher with a knife; posts pictures online.  I am warning you…very graphic!

THERE ARE BETTER WAYS TO GET IRON: Mental patient dies after swallowing 8-inch knife.

It had apparently been in her stomach for weeks.

WHAT THEY DON’T KNOW WON’T HURT THEM DERPBLASIO: NYPD allegedly told school to keep quiet about recovered knife.:

The NYPD wants the flow of weapons found in city schools out of sight and out of mind.

Yet another knife was recovered at a Manhattan school last week — but NYPD officials commanded staffers to shut up about it, sources told The Post.

A 17-year-old girl threatened to attack a classmate with a knife before she was stopped by school safety agents at JHS 99 in Manhattan on Oct. 23, according to police.

The teen was arrested and the blade was recovered — but a source said NYPD officials told agents to keep quiet about it.

I suppose it is better than a SWAT Team raid and a school lockdown…

WELL, GOOD: Sunnyvale Police shoot dead man after he kills police dog with a knife.

Personally, I’d like to see Tim throw a classic Buck 110 into the works. It is the same size and fills the same folding-hunter niche.


NEW from SHINOLA: a modern, titanium gentleman’s folder.

At $295 price-point there are others on my list.

Notice that the knife is called “The Manhattan”. It has a pocket clip, but if you use it there you will be arrested by the NYPD. It probably would run afoul of the Gravity Knife laws as well.

BELOW THE FOLD: Islamist arrested for knife-attack outside of Tunisian Parliament.


If you would like us to share a picture of your pumpkin carving prowess, email us at or tag @knifetruth on your instagram shot and we will put it up.

This is from Stuart B. via email:

Email us a picture of your pumpkin.


FROM OUTSIDEONLINE: The New Rules for Buying a Multitool

NOT KNIVES, BUT RELATED: Smithy Cast Iron: Bringing back classic handmade cookware in Charleston, one cast iron skillet at a time

KNIFE SKILLS: 7 Knife Cuts Every Home Chef Should Master



THROWING UP IN MY MOUTH: A syrupy piece praising the “Knife Angel” More here– people actually want this thing.

FROM BladeHQ: A knife collection to make you drool…




“A Woodlawn man is accused of chasing people with a filet knife on the Addison Red Line station platform after the Cubs lost to the LA Dodgers at Wrigley Field last Thursday night.

Multiple callers reported seeing the man going wild at the station, 940 West Addison, shortly before 1 a.m.

Police arrived to find 34-year-old Larry Edwards on the platform “holding a large filet knife in his hands and yelling.” Edwards complied with an officer’s order to drop the weapon and no one was injured, police said.”


Original Post (pre-updates):

Howdy folks, I have decided to add a new feature – a Weekly Open Thread. There is always a ton of stuff that I don’t have the time to get to or don’t have a lot I can add by way of commentary. So here is my idea…

One of the big positives of our new site format is that we can highlight 2-3 posts at the top of the homepage. Mostly this is going to be a space to highlight our favorite posts from our archives, but I thought I might try using one of the slots to keep a weekly “link dump” post at the top once it scrolls off the homepage. I plan on updating the post on a daily (or more) basis, and format wise it should look somewhat similar to Instapundit. Feel free to send me whatever you find during your own daily surfing. Toss it out in the comments even if you don’t feel like sending an email.

Newest links will be added to the top of the thread. I am hoping that a shotgun of topics and links will spur some conversation and boost our Comment section activity.

So here we go…

Since it relies so heavily on the Forged in Fire episode, which I figure those who were interested in the series already saw,this article from Popular Mechanics on the Kpinga didn’t make a standalone post. That said, it is always good to see niche content reach a wider audience.

DEFENSIVE SUITCASE USE OF THE DAY: “But when a 73-year-old man saw his wife being attacked by a knife-wielding moped gang he responded instinctively, attacking back with the only thing on hand—an empty suitcase.”

UK HOPLOPHOBIA: Scottish schoolchidren to be taught dangers of knife crime – starting at at age 6

FROM WIDEOPENSPACES: TOP 10 Spydercos for Outdoors and EDC . Seems like a pretty broad category to limit it to 10. My Native didn’t make the list.


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TTAK Weekly Open Thread: 10/30- Updated Daily

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