What Are the Advantages of a Turn Box Knife Sharpener?

turn box sharpener

When would you choose a turn box sharpener like this one, among all the other systems out there?

The phrase “different strokes for different folks” is especially relevant when it comes to knife sharpening methods. Here are a few reasons you might choose a turn box sharpener.

You want to be able to sharpen immediately (with no setup) at 20 or 25 degrees.

Zero prep work means you’re more likely to get into the habit of keeping your knives sharp and sharpening them more diligently. The Lansky sharpener is pre-set for the two most popular angles for kitchen, fillet and EDC knives, and it’s right there when you need it.

You don’t want to mess around with water or oil while sharpening.

Since these are the same rods used for chefs’ knives, you don’t need to worry about oiling them or using water while sharpening, like you would with a stone. (Of course, you should always rinse the knife after sharpening it to make sure no steel shavings are left on the blade).

You want something that’s easy to use and minimizes risk of injury.

Using a handheld ceramic rod or traditional sharpening stone, very few people can actually keep a consistent angle. As long as you move the knife straight down and pull towards you, the turn box system will give you the same angle every time. It’s also more difficult to accidentally cut yourself when you’re using the wood block to stabilize the rods.

You want to travel with your sharpener or store it without risk of breaking the rods.

The turn box sharpener has integrated rod storage, which makes it easy to throw into  your camp kit or travel bag.

You care about aesthetics.

This sharpener is one of those useful items that also looks great on your countertop or work table. You can easily pack it up into a drawer, but the simplicity of it is easy on the eyes as well.

You care about ergonomics.

When you’ve tried a few different sharpening systems, you start to pick up on this. This design allows you to sharpen both sides with the same downward motion, which makes it easy to smooth out and fine-tune the edge. If you use traditional sharpening stones, you’ll find that one side is easier, while changing to the other takes more effort.

You want a system that’s easy to keep clean.

Soap and water do the trick quickly for these rods. Unlike some more complicated systems, there aren’t any handles or additional pieces of equipment to keep clean. Additionally, because the rods don’t have any flat edges, you can continually rotate them to make the most out of the surface area. This minimizes the amount of time you spend cleaning and maintaining your sharpening system.

You want something extremely durable.

This is a tried and true system. Fans of the Lansky turn box sharpener brag about using it for a decade or more with no reduction in effectiveness.

You don’t want to pay much for a good sharpener.

It’s hard to beat $22 for a sharpener that will serve you as long and as well.

You can learn even more about knife sharpening from Lansky on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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What Are the Advantages of a Turn Box Knife Sharpener?

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