What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Geek Edition: Legend Of Zelda Sword Hoodie

Image courtesy Geeky U. There aren’t many Gen-Xers who haven’t wasted a few months of their life playing the various Legend Of Zelda games. Apparently just playing Link on the small screen isn’t enough for some people. For those who need to be Link in their daily lives, this handmade hoodie is for them.

Definitely not for me, however.

Of course the sword is fake: it’s just stuffed craft fabric, and it’s permanently attached to the Hyrule shield. But I’m still pretty sure this hoodie could inspire a campus-wide lockdown at any high school, and I don’t even want to guess at the shitstorm of trouble you’d invite by rocking this costume through a TSA screening line…


Remember: Link has a dark side.


  1. Matt in FL says:

    I’d wear it, just for the reactions.

  2. ChuckN says:

    I think it’d only be an issue in places like NYC, Chicago and schools
    that ban assault poptarts. Anywhere else everyone will simply call
    you a geek and move on with their lives. If anything were to happen
    you could claim you were being profiled because of your hoodie.

  3. jwm says:

    Man, you would have to knock me the fvck out before you could put that mess on me. And I would be in a really bad mood when I came around. Really bad.

    1. Chris Dumm says:

      Ditto. Although if I got knocked over the head and then dressed up in an $1800 carbon-fiber Master Chief armor suit, I might be more forgiving. At least I’d be the king shit on Halloween.

  4. Out_Fang_Thief says:

    Sorry, I guess I was too damn busy living to know about Zelda.
    Wiki says Zelda’s incept date was 1986. Yep, I was busy living.

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What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Geek Edition: Legend Of Zelda Sword Hoodie

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