What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Spiked Bracers Edition.

Image courtesy Knivesdeal

The Caped Crusader famously wears spiked gauntlets while he beats the snot out of Gotham’s worst elements. These bladed armbands are described as gauntlets, but the lack of actual gloves means they’re properly called bracers.

Not that any of that matters if you’re foolish enough to strap them on. Your wallet might not care, but your car upholstery will never forgive you and neither will the poor schlub sitting next to you at the theater.

If you do a little eBay searching (or if you simply click on the photo) you can find these edged oddities on sale for a measly twenty-six bucks plus shipping and handling. Keep in mind that those are twenty-six (plus) bucks you’ll never get back, just like you’ll never get back the time you waste ordering them and wearing them.

And you’ll never get back the time you’ll spend in the county lockup if Officer Friendly ever sees you wearing them in public outside of Comic-Con. Which ends today.


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    Filed under HUMOR. Thou hast NAILED it!

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What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Spiked Bracers Edition.

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