What Could Possilbly Go Wrong? Women’s Bloody Cleaver Clutch Purse

Not too long ago, I would have thought a clutch purse like this was a clever, edgy fashion accessory for the modern hipster(ess). After the murder and beheading (by meat cleaver) of British soldier Lee Rigby on a busy street in broad daylight, this is about as tasteful as a Hitler-stache or going to a costume party in blackface.

Image: Amazon Accessories Boutique

In an age when a student’s umbrella can trigger a half-day campus lockdown, gear like this also stands a decent chance of getting somebody shot by police.



  1. Matt in FL says:

    I was prepared to come down here and say you were overthinking this, but that purse is pretty awesomely wrong. But by the same token, it’s only wrong/tasteless in light of recent events, and frankly, I think if a girl carried it in the U.S. nobody’d bat an eye. Well, more than they would prior to the killing. Because people in the U.S. are insular and stupid, and the vast majority wouldn’t make the connection. Folks in the UK might react differently. Or maybe not. I’m assuming that this is an item that’s been around a while, and not something put out in response to that killing. If that’s the case, then although a little tasteless in the right now, it’s really just a quirky thing. I don’t see someone getting SWATted over it.

  2. Nanashi says:

    There are plenty of circumstances where it would be appropriate, as a Halloween costume accessory, for cosplay or any zombie-themed event.
    Heck, it would make an excellent makeup bag to complement this bathroom set. https://www.thinkgeek.com/product/b9b2/

    However, not a good option for EDC, clutches are too easy to set down and forget. That, and the whole poor taste and potential for disaster thing.

  3. Aharon says:

    Any woman who spends money on such garbage would have been better off buying an hour’s worth of therapy.

  4. ChuckN says:

    For far too long the shysters crying political correctness have
    labelled anything that they don’t like or may generate
    discussion as “tasteless” or “insensitive”. I’m not necessarily
    against showing disdain for speaking out, but shunning
    stupid ideas, objects or people but it seems like a lost cause.
    This is especially true since the anti-rights crowd has no shame
    what so-ever and will seek to exploit the situation to further
    their own agenda. If we say nothing, they push a little further.
    If we do cry out, they cry about our “assault” on the first
    amendment and push even harder.

  5. Kate says:

    I have this clutch and its awesome. You guys are over thinking everything, bunch of party poopers. Next you’ll wanna ban cars because one time someone got run over huh?

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What Could Possilbly Go Wrong? Women’s Bloody Cleaver Clutch Purse

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