What Do Japanese Knife Guys Read?

Image: Chris Dumm

Apparently, they read this: KNIFE magazine. I thumbed through one today, and it was interesting to see a different emphasis on natural materials and traditional styles. There weren’t many ‘Tactical Tantos’ or gonzo Klingon-style combat knives in these ultra-glossy pages . . .

In a nation where ‘sword control’ has been the law for centuries, and where it is apparently illegal to carry any kind of knife with a blade longer than 2.25 inches and where you need prefectural permission to own a fixed-blade knife more than 15 in length, I’m surprised to see this level of interest in knives.

Then again, we’ve got our own buff books about NFA firearms, so maybe it’s always tempting to want something you can’t have.


  1. jwm says:

    It’s my understanding that japanese tourists make gun tours to the US to hit rental ranges. Forbidden fruit is always the tastiest.

    1. anampses says:

      Japanese tourist also enjoy cannabis tours as well to hit up some American hydroponic. Forbidden sinsemilla is always the tastiest indeed.

    2. Nathan says:

      Americans also like to taste the forbidden fruit in Bangkok…

  2. Ralph says:

    I thought they read “Ginsu Today.”

    1. Aharon says:

      When I lived in San Francisco, a neighbor of mine was a professional dominatrix. She told me that when the Japanese are attending conventions in SF, all the doms are busy providing sessions to Japanese businessmen.

  3. scubamatt says:

    The typical Japanese interest in blades (compared to a typical America’s interest) reminds me of that old conversation between the American naval officer and a British Admiral. The US navy officer was explaining why we do things a certain way, and he said “It’s a tradition in the US navy, sir”. The British officer smiled gently and shook his head, saying “In only two hundred years? You have habits, not traditions.”

    The Japanese have been a blade culture a *very* long time.

    1. JAS says:

      M are sacred over there…. I own a few Japanese knives and they are all superb.

  4. Bob Damon says:

    The small knife looks lie a Kiridashi, a small utility blade.
    I carry a small Kiridashi to save my folder from things that would dull the blade.
    The Kiridashi is easy to sharpen and no one has ever shown concern about it, it’s small and gets attention for being small and sharp.
    There are many types at many prices. I have a Ecos knife version that only cost $25.

    Maybe TTAK can do a review on a Kiridashi?

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What Do Japanese Knife Guys Read?

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