What Is Your Nicest Knife?

Truth time. I’ve changed in the last couple of years. In my salad days here at TTAK, I wondered if I should use, or keep pristine, a knife that could become a collectible. I had this to say at the time…

I more thoroughly enjoy a knife when it is being used. As such, I’ve mostly let go of any knives I own that won’t ever see any action. If I’m going to keep a knife, you can bet I have a use for it. I wouldn’t want any of my blades to languish in a box.

While I still hold most of that true, it no longer fully applies in my case. Since then, I have become a collector…

It  has been happening for a while, but I don’t think I realized it until BLADE Show last year, where I purchased a knife (a hemp-wrapped Fiddleback Forge Nessmuk) that I knew I had no intention of getting dirty.

I try to keep it reasonable. In order to avoid falling down the hole of wanting every cool knife out there, the only ones I buy to collect (on purpose) are Camillus-brand Boy Scout Knives (for nostalgic reasons), and Nessmuks (my favorite pattern).

Check out the Adventure Sworn Guide up above! I was lucky to make a trade to acquire that one, letting go of a few things as I refocused my collection. The blue dyed burl is unlike any I have ever seen, and reminds me of Van Gogh’s famous Starry Night painting.

I also traded into the Fiddleback Forge (read our interview with Andy Roy here) Arete at the bottom of the photo and it has just about the most comfortable knife handle I have ever held. Even though it doesn’t fall into my normal collection categories, I’ll be keeping that around as a reference point for my own knife design endeavors.

And the T.M. Hunt Yuma in the center, which also doesn’t technically fit my parameters, I won in the Knife Rights Ultimate Steel Giveaway last year. I consider Todd a friend at this point, so I’ll be hanging on to that one as well! This one also has a fantastic handle design. Check out Mr. Hunt’s 5 From The Grinder interview as well, if you haven’t already.

So what about you, dear readers? What are some of the nicest pieces in your collection?

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What Is Your Nicest Knife?

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