What’s in your pockets today?


One of my favorite things about knives is the great variety of them out there. There are so many styles, steels, sizes, and makers that one could never know them all. On Instagram, a popular photo is a “hand dump” or “pocket dump” which shows all the different odds and ends in someones pocket at any given time.

It is a very visual, voyeuristic look into the personality of the person posting. For some it’s chapstick, wallet, knife and firearm. For others its all camera equipment or writing tools.

The above picture is one I took recently on Mother’s day showing my W.R. Case teardrop slipjoint knife, my since misplaced Benchmade Mini Griptilian with custom deep carry clip from Pops Custom Clips, a beer defender from Wilmont knives, and a wallet made from recycled firehose from Recycledfirefighter.com

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What’s in your pockets today?

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