White River Knives at SHOT Show

It is Day 2 of the 2018 SHOT Show out in Vegas, and the press releases are still coming in. White River Knives is a mid-sized knife company out of Michigan. We gave away one of their Backpacker knives in our Reader Essay Contest last year. (Speaking of which, I never heard back from many of you so I didn’t get an address to send your swag to. please Email me if we never connected)

White River Knives Press Release:

White River Knife & Tool Cordially invites you to booth 1114 (new location) lower level at SHOT and visit with the Cammenga family: John Sr., Susan, John Jr., and Matt.

Not just pretty faces, they can really talk knives and materials.

White River’s line of ultra-quality hand crafted production knives. White River Knives are 100 percent all American made of all American made materials. Nothing White River produces, to include even the ink and paper in their brochures is foreign made.




So come by, visit, take pictures and have some fun at White River’s booth.
2018 SHOT Show Booth 1114 lower level
White River Knife & Tool®
130 Mason Drive
Coopersville, MI
Media Professionals Only


  1. Sam L. says:

    Two mighty fine knives!

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White River Knives at SHOT Show

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