Why Didn’t SOG Post This Champagne Video *Before* New Year’s Eve?


SOG is sponsoring another silly but harmless contest, asking fans to use a Seal Pup to open a bottle of sparkling wine like this and post the ensuing mess on Vine. The winner gets a Seal Pup signed by The Gunny himself, R. Lee Ermey.

I’m not particularly into the bubbly myself. I might have five glasses a year at weddings or New Year’s parties, so how was I to know that a SOG Seal Pup is the world’s best champagne bottle opener? Which it is, if by ‘best’ you mean ‘sprays more champagne all over your kitchen than other leading openers.’

SOG’s contest announcement only hit Facebook on Tuesday, which didn’t give New Year’s revelers much time to prepare. Maybe it was a last-minute idea –I’m all for those– or maybe it’s because heavy alcohol consumption and combat knives don’t play well together?


  1. Aharon says:

    My guess is that too many idiots would open bottles with the sharp edge and not the blunt edge chipping the glass edge, too many drunks would hurt themselves and others in the process of opening bottles, and too many of those same drunks would end up drinking glass bits along with their champagne.

    The French have a tradition of cracking open champagne bottles with a sword using the edge and actually cutting through the glass. Apparently they know how to do it correctly and safely.

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Why Didn’t SOG Post This Champagne Video *Before* New Year’s Eve?

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