Wichita Repeals Knife Laws While Mayor Whines About Preemption

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Kansas enacted statewide knife law preemption more than two months ago (click here to read more about it) but it won’t go into effect for another week, on July 1st 2013. As the day of the Great Jayhawk Knife Ban Ban approaches, Kansas counties and municipalities are being forced to repeal any knife ordinances which conflict with or go further than state law.

And Wichita mayor Carl Brewer thinks this just sucks.

Image courtesy Wichita, KS city government website.

Brewer and councilwoman Lavonta Williams, shown here, dissented from the city council’s vote, even though it was required by the new state law. I guess they only like laws that they get to make, and not the ones that they have to obey.

From KDFI news:

The city of Wichita will no longer be able to ban the possession of certain lengths or types of knives, under changes in state law.  The city council voted Tuesday to do away with ordinances that restrict the possession of knives over a certain length and the possession of mechanical-type knives.

Sharon Dickgrafe in the city’s law department said the intent of the state law is to prohibit city regulation of knives.  She said the city can still ban knives at city hall and in public buildings, but it can no longer ban the possession of knives on city streets.

Mayor Carl Brewer said he’s disturbed by the law,  and he said the city may have to consider legal action against the state over local control issues.   He said “it’s obvious we have some issues in Topeka, to say the least.”   The mayor said eventually there will come a point in time where the state won’t need local elected officials or local attorneys.”

The vote to adapt to state law was approved by the city council with a 5-2 vote. Mayor Brewer and council member Lavonta Williams voted no.

So the mayor of Wichita is upset that he can’t make some scary-looking knives illegal? Cry me a river.



  1. scubamatt says:

    I used to live in Derby right outside of Wichita. They have a very large concrete ditch right through the center of Wichita, where that river they cry can flow. No doubt the mayor thinks the blood will run in the streets once everyone is allowed to carry any knife they please…kind of like how when they passed the ‘shall issue’ laws for Concealed Carry in Florida. There were gunfights at every street corner and dead bodies piling up – no wait…that didn’t happen either LOL

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Wichita Repeals Knife Laws While Mayor Whines About Preemption

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