Will Hipsters Save the Pocketknife?

Image courtesy of the New York Times

Image courtesy of the New York Times

We here at The Truth About Knives, or at least our esteemed editor, have been guilty of a little gratuitous hipster bashing. It is easy to poke fun at these skinny-jeans wearing, vinyl listening, painfully retro riders of fixed gear bicycles. But…

I come not to bury the hipster, but to praise him.

Because they may very well be our allies, at least on the subject of knives.

From the New York Times, It’s a Jungle Out There? Carry a Pocketknife:

“In recent years, office-bound urban men have adopted the accouterments of their free-range rural brethren: the beard, the flannel shirt, the work boot.

To this list add the pocketknife. The staple tool of fishermen and Boy Scout troop leaders is being embraced by guys whose principal workplace implement is a MacBook.

Nigel Barker, 43, a New York-based fashion photographer, has noticed that the pocketknife has become de rigueur among the young hipster assistants he works with. “Almost part of their uniform is to have that knife on that belt or in that pocket,” he said.

A friendly tip to those hipsters: by law, all pocketknives in New York need to be completely concealed, including the clip, and you are asking for trouble if you have anything with a locking blade.

The story goes on to describe how Barker himself carries a pocketknife, using it on photo shoots to cut backdrops and other mundane tasks. “I pull out my knife more than I pull out my pen,” he says.

It is good to see a mainstream news org in the middle of very knife-unfriendly territory showcasing the usefulness and normality of everyday blade use. We can talk about knife rights all we want, but if knife owners lose the culture war, like they have in the U.K., then there is no hope.

So I say thank you to the hipsters. Next time we meet, the Pabst Blue-Ribbon is on me!



  1. elcas says:

    Hurray for the hipsters then… Some pple question why we carry a blade(the infamous “who do you want to kill with that?”) , yet they come to us in dire need of cutting or shame us when we don’t have the tool

  2. Spencer says:

    Oh Lord help us, the picture above shows a hipster batoning wood with his knife. Poor knife.

  3. Jonathan says:

    People question why I carry a knife and other EDC items until I am playing medic to coworkers and people are borrowing my sak.

  4. Larry says:

    Wow those hipsters sure have a full plate ! They have to save hunting , mass produced beer and now pocket knives !

    1. Hunting: Welcome. Please become active in conservation and supporting favorable legislation. We need to stick together.

      Pocket Knives: Please. Again, millennials need exposure to people with knives lest they become laminaphobes.

      Beer: Quit dick-measuring hops content. Enough already.

      1. Grindstone says:

        God, that last point so much. Whatever happened to FLAVOR?

  5. Larry says:

    Flavor is great , just get it from malts ……

    1. Balance Grasshopper…

      The hops should tone down the sweetness of the malt, malt should smooth out the bitterness of the hops…Harmony.

      That being said, I am a Guinness drinker myself.

      1. Steve In MA (now RI) says:

        Mmmmm… alcoholic coffee.

    1. Sam L. says:

      I don’t do Slate.

  6. Larry says:

    Not sure if I’m grasshopper or the guy holding the pebble , but I have been a home brewer since the late ’70s.

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Will Hipsters Save the Pocketknife?

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