Wisconsin Knife Reform Law officially enacted

wi_signing_gov. walker

Governor Walkder demonstrates his new switchblade after signing the bill.

I promised an update when I could lock down the procedural details of the Wisconsin knife-law reform bill which was signed by Governor Walker this past weekend. According to Wisconsin law, the bill goes into effect when it is officially published in the state register. According to the website of the Wisconsin Legislature, the bill was published on Sunday, February 2nd. It is now the law of the state.

I also promised to share the names of those, apart from the team from KnifeRights.org that were deserving of recognition.

From KnifeRights.org:

“Bill sponsors Representative Kathleen Bernier and Senator Terry Moulton received specially engraved Allen Elishewitz designed Hogue EX-A01 automatic knives in recognition of their efforts to get this bill passed. Present at the signing was Travis Hakes (standing behind Gov. Walker in photo above), a law enforcement officer and owner of Trigger Control LLC, who first brought the issue of the state’s switchblade ban to the attention of Rep. Bernier. He also received one of the Hogue EX-A01 autos to honor his help in providing the spark that ignited the limited legislation which after hard lobbying by Knife Rights and our friends and resulting amendments eventually resulted in full knife law reform in Wisconsin”

So there you have it. Residents of the Badger State can now travel all over their state without running afoul of local knife restrictions. They can tool up with automatic knives. Wisconsin now joins the growing ranks of states with minimal to no restrictions on their citizens exercising their right to bear knives. On Wisconsin! indeed.

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Wisconsin Knife Reform Law officially enacted

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