World’s First 3D Printable Knife Kit from Creator Kits


Hot on the heels of yesterday’s post on the intersection of the Maker Movement and the knife world, today we see the evolution of the build-your-own-knife kit. All you need is a 3D printer and a little time on your hands. That is, if their Kickstarter campaign is successful.

Some backstory, from the Kickstarter page:

The inspiration for Creator Kits came from the challenge of trying to build a 3D printed RC car. My 11 year old son found the 3D printer files for a 1:10 scale RC car online and I, always a sucker for fun projects agreed to build it with him. The problem we soon encountered was trying to complete the assembly. The car was designed in Europe by a brilliant engineer. I had no problem finding the metric hardware in the USA, but ran into problems finding drive train components from US based hobby shops that matched the car’s design dimensions. I jumped on some online forums and discovered that I was not the only American struggling to source the parts needed to finish the build.

Creator Kits wants to solve the issues they ran into by gathering together all the needed components for any given project, and selling them as kits. They have a lot of kits they would like to release, but they are starting with the knife.

Our first debut item is a utility knife available in 2 quality levels. Our premium blade is made from stainless steel and our basic blade is made from high grade steel.

The only 3D printed parts look to be the handle scales. The blade, liners, pivots, pins and screws are all included.


For those moms and dads out there that already have or have access to a 3D printer, this could be a great way for your kids to explore the intersection of computer and 3D design with hands-on building and engineering.

If you are interested, their Kickstarter has a long way to go to reach their $50,000 goal, so pledge and spread the word.


  1. Dakota says:

    I 3d printed up a knife for school to fit a leatherman blade that the teacher provided. Leatherman also provided the 3d files for it and it was a lockback printed knife. I can’t really show any of the files because they are patented with dimensions.

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World’s First 3D Printable Knife Kit from Creator Kits

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