Wrapping-up the “Caption This” Contest


This one doesn’t count, but leave us a caption in the comments here if one comes to mind.

Our “Caption This” photo contest kind of wound itself down of its own accord, and we have been a bit testing/review heavy of late. I don’t think that you all mind when original content gets in the way of the lighter pieces. The contest did its job in providing us some laughs, and someone is going to cross the finish line and claim a “Chopfest Edition” CRKT Minimalist.

Feel free to caption the above photo in the comments here, just for the heck of it if you’d like (It is from Nathan and thus excluded from the contest – click here to find out the backstory). Below the jump you will see the original entries and links back to their posts. You have until 12:01am EDT Tuesday morning to submit any last captions, at which point the picture with the most total captions will be declared the winner.

concealed-knifeTo add a caption to the photo above click here:



To add a caption to the photo above click here:


Move along, nothing to see here!

To add a caption to the photo above click here:



To add a caption to the photo above click here:



To add a caption to the photo above click here:

There is also the relatively grotesque facial/body modification humanoid person thing guy. The picture is borderline not suitable for viewing at work, and is most certainly not suitable for viewing over lunch. If you didn’t catch it, or can’t help but view the train wreck again, CLICK HERE. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Thanks again for those who submitted photos. I always appreciate reader-generated content. I am hoping that I can score some more blades to give away in the near future, so if you have any ideas for contests, please send them my way. Good luck to our entrants, and to everyone else, Caption Away.


Send me ideas for the next contest or the kitten gets it.

Oh yeah, and there is this guy as well. Since it came from me, it doesn’t count for the contest but I wanted to post him again. He makes me smile. You can caption him here.


  1. Senna Marpat says:

    There was a bee in here! I was being totally rational!

  2. Tom Collins says:

    Holy hatchet, Batman!

  3. J- says:

    Gonna need a new windshield, dashboard, and front passenger seat.

    1. kbad says:

      …and shorts, definitely gonna need some new shorts.

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Wrapping-up the “Caption This” Contest

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