Wrapping up the Facebook Cover Contest


Rory W. submits this picture of an ESEE 4.

We have just a couple of more entries to go in our Facebook Cover Photo contest before I compile them all into a single post to chose a winner.  Reader Rory W. sends us 3 photos for consideration.  Two of them are of his ESEE 4 – one of his personal favorites. I haven’t played around much with smaller fixed blade knives, but I hope that I can see this one in person at this year’s Blade Show.

DSC_0106 (1)

Moras are among my favorite knives as well

Finally, another shot of the ESEE:

Thanks again to all of those who participated.  I look forward to your input in choosing a winner.


I want one. Thank you for your submissions Rory.



  1. Sam L. says:

    I like that first entry, first photo, spelling TTAK.

    1. Tom in Oregon says:

      I have to agree.
      But I am a bit prejudiced.

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Wrapping up the Facebook Cover Contest

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