Wrapping up the Pumpkin Contest. Vote for the “Reader Favorite” and pick the prize.


Please choose your favorite reader Jack-o-Lantern and which knife the “Reader’s Choice” winner should get.

I know it has been a couple of weeks since Halloween, and the stores have blown right past Thanksgiving and onto Christmas. I got busy with life (my in-laws moved in with us last week among other things) and working on the review and testing side of the blog. The contest was not as popular as I had hoped, we only received 4 entries, but  I was pleased at how different each one was.

Thanks to Daniel, Roger, Stephen, and Sean for entering pumpkins in the contest. I especially want to thank Jonathan M. for suggesting the contest and providing some of his personal knives as prizes. They are a Kershaw-Emerson, a SOG Trident, and a Spyderco Tenacious.

I have the 4 reader submissions below the jump. Please let us know your favorite and also which knife you believe the Reader’s Choice winner should get in the Comments.  Thanks for your input.


In order of submission…


Pumpkin #1

IMG_0182 (1)

Pumpkin #2

image1 (1)

Pumpkin #3


Pumpkin #4

Please vote in the comments, and be sure to choose a knife for the winner as well.





  1. Sean Webb says:

    i really like the devil pumpkin!

  2. Sean Webb says:

    reader’s choice should get the kershaw/emerson

  3. EdgeofJudgment says:

    I like the Louisville Cardinal… creative and skilled work. And give them the Spyderco.

  4. sagebrushracer says:

    I like #4.

    1. Jim Webb says:

      I like #4 as well. And no, I’m not related. Buncha Webbs out there…

  5. Roger says:

    Despite having entered, I vote for #3, the bowser pumpkin.

  6. Sam L. says:

    I like #3, and while I would like the Spyderco, the winning carver should pick which one he wants.

  7. SoILChronner says:

    So the Cardinal pumpkin is number 1. Can’t argue with that. Go Cards.

  8. joleolsen says:

    Number 1 has talent, but makes poor choices when it comes to sports teams.
    Next best would be #4, followed by #3.

    Let the winners choose.

  9. Chuck says:

    Pumpkin no.1

  10. April says:

    #1 Pumpkin (the Louisville Cardinal) and the Kershaw-Emerson knife.

  11. Rick says:

    Pumpkin #1, winner’s choice of knife.

  12. I am going to keep voting open until noon on Thursday 11/13 so just more than 24 hours left.

    Currently Pumpkin #1 is in the lead. If you want to beat him, tell your friends.

  13. daniel says:

    Number 1 all the way.. that is some serious skill, not to mention he makes great choices in sports teams..

    Being the winningest College athletic program across all sports in the span of the last 3 years… It only makes sense to choose a winner. Number 1.

    and that top knife looks hawt

  14. steve says:

    Pumpkin #1. SOG Trident.

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Wrapping up the Pumpkin Contest. Vote for the “Reader Favorite” and pick the prize.

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