WTF?!? Man seeking sex with cement-mixer attacked with knife and machete

John Steven (middle) was attacked after seeking sex involving a cement mixer.

A UK man being attacked with a machete might not be newsworthy enough to warrant a post on TTAK. However, when the victim had been lured into the situation with promises of sweet, sweet, cement-mixer lovin’ – I couldn’t help but share.


A man was brutally attacked with a machete and knife after being lured to Renfrewshire for seedy sex – apparently involving a cement mixer.

Evil Craig Dalton, 33, and Matthew Harrison, 23, are facing lengthy prison terms for the frenzied attack on John Steven, 38, which took place at a flat in Renfrew.

The High Court in Glasgow heard Dalton from Johnstone and Harrison from Paisley launched their onslaught after Mr Steven had agreed to pay cash for “services” to Sharon Kerr, 34, at her flat in the town’s Houston street.

Advocate depute Shanti Maguire told the proceedings how Mr Steven, from Troon, had been hoodwinked into travelling to Renfrew when he was ambushed in March last year.

However, a charge involving the three accused, which was dropped, claimed they had conspired to assault and rob him.

And part of the charge included the allegation they had “access to a cement truck” as well as “cement mix to pour over him” and were said to have “induced” him to attend Kerr’s flat.

The court heard Dalton was wielding a machete, while his co-accused Harrison was brandishing a knife, when their victim was hit with a hail of blows in the living room of Kerr’s flat.

To each their own. Reminds me of this Zappa classic:

Any other Zappa fans out there?

I am warped enough to have a bunch of his stuff in regular rotation. Just not when the kids are in the car.

(VERY NSFW) one of my favs:




  1. Jesse "Sparky" Mohler says:

    This is some sick shit!

  2. Sam L. says:

    Wierd! (I’m not a Zappa fan.)

  3. cmeat says:

    zappa starts here.

    the mother’s of invention, ruben and the jets, the albums that he produced for don van vliet (captain beefheart) and wild man fischer were great.
    apostrophe, overnight sensation and zoot allures were later solo bright spots.
    joe’s garage is akin to floyd’s wall to me; dropping off a bit. i do remember the central scrutinizer fondly. but i’m getting up there.
    he was prolific. as a composer he gained inspiration from edgar varese (“the present day composer refuses to die”). there were films like “baby snakes” and “200 motels.”
    there is a good biography titled “no commercial potential.”
    and his battles with tipper gore’s pmrc in congress are legendary. the pmrc brought down the dead kennedys due to a giger poster included in one of their albums.

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WTF?!? Man seeking sex with cement-mixer attacked with knife and machete

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