Year of the Micro-blades


Well It’s late Friday night and the excitement of this year’s BLADE show is still fresh. As always there is so much to see and many people to meet. In the coming days we will be posting all the exciting news and knives from the showroom floor. I just wanted to share something that caught my eye this year. It seems that many makers and companies are releasing smaller and smaller EDC blades. As Clay and I walked the show we kept seeing table after table with blades less than 2.5” in length. Of course, the standard offerings of EDC pocket knives in a 3-4” size were there but it seems more makers are catching on to the trend of smaller sized EDC blades.

It makes complete sense from both a customer and manufacturing viewpoint. More and more customers are asking for less obtrusive and slimmer pocket knives. Sure, a half pound 4” pocket knife is beefy enough to handle any daily tasks you throw at it but it can be overkill for your average city dwelling EDC. Add in the fact that many states and countries are unfriendly to large knives and you have a less than saturated market for folks looking for a smaller alternative. From a maker’s perspective, it makes even more sense. No need to completely reinvent the wheel, sizing down an existing design is much easier to do than design a completely new geometry. It’s a win win for makers and customers. We get options to choose from and manufacturers can sell more knives.

Longtime head basketball coach of UCLA, John Wooden said, “It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” I think the trend of smaller EDC knives is here to stay for a while and I hope it’s just the start of makers expanding their offerings for customers looking for something different. The knife you need is the knife you have and I’m willing to bet these micro knives are going to be in pockets every day getting plenty of use.





  1. Stephanie says:

    Who is the manufacturer of the knives in the second picture? And is that a small compass?

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Year of the Micro-blades

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