Yet Another Sword Demo Video: Don’t Mess With The Bride

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Stella Angelova is a gymnast, dancer and model who takes the stage with the likes of Madonna and Ricky Martin. If you head to her website you’ll notice that she’s not exactly difficult to look at, but that’s not why she’s interesting…


She’s fascinating because she’s can give Jackie Chan a run for his money with her crazy stunt work and martial arts. If you’ve seen Avatar (and you did) and your wife made you watch Dancing With The Stars (didn’t they all?), you’ve seen her stick-fighting skillz and  her ballroom-dancing moves. In short, this lady is more man than any dozen OFWGs.

I wish she’d sported a yellow track suit with black piping for this video, because she could teach The Bride a thing or two about uber-theatrical swordplay.

Even though you’ve never heard of her before, please don’t call her an ‘Obscure Object Of Desire.’ She’ll kick your ass.



  1. the last Marine out says:

    Is there anywhere in the USA to have open sword or bowie knife carry ??? and if not why not , are not blades part of 2A??? Yes I think we have given up too much ground on 2A… Get back to me. THANKS

    1. Pat says:

      I think you can open carry bowie knives certain areas of Texas. At least you should be able to.

      1. utdmatt says:

        Nope, Bowie knives are specifically restricted in public unless you’re hunting/fishing.

        We’re gonna work on changing that ASAP

    2. Mr. Lighter says:

      You can open carry pretty much any knife you want in Washington. Bowies included.

  2. BigTex says:

    Too bad that last slash was with the blade backwards. As performance art? Meh. As common sense use of an edged weapon? Fail.

    1. Matt in FL says:

      The sword clearly rotated about its longitudinal axis during the last toss. I kinda think that was not on purpose, and for the sake of the performance she just caught it and rolled with it the way it was.

      On an unrelated note, TTAK uses a different comments module than the one TTAG uses, and it doesn’t let you reply directly to another comment, only to the post as a whole. Also, it doesn’t automatically show you the comments when viewing the post; you have to click the little “show comments” button every time. I’m personally not a fan of either of these characteristics.

      1. foggy says:

        Matt, I’m not having either of those problems. What are you using as your webbrowser?

        1. Matt in FL says:

          Oops. I left out one very important word that defines the context of my comment. I was referring to the mobile version of the site, not the desktop version.

          To be clear, the mobile version lacks individual comment replies. The way I got these comments to nest appropriately was by switching my phone into Desktop mode, at which point the conventional Reply link appears under each comment.

  3. Azimuth says:

    “In short, this lady is more man than any dozen OFWGs.”

    Yah, well who isn’t?

    1. Nigil says:

      Bob Mundelein
      Jerry Miculek
      Two, ‘average’, older white gentleman (one no longer with us), who could put you in the dirt faster than you could say “Oh, crap!”

      1. Pat says:

        Faster than you can say “Oh…

  4. Kathlyn Soltau says:

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Yet Another Sword Demo Video: Don’t Mess With The Bride

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